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 Thought Control is a technique that will appear to give you the power to read or influence a person's thoughts. 
You can use this concept to guess or influence a person's free choice of names, colors, fruits, animals, dates, shapes, playing cards, actions, literally anything!   The main effect is that we whisper a specific thought to one subject, and a second subject is able to repeatedly divine these thoughts. The subject will confirm each and every thought that we whisper.  

 This is a surefire, propless method to read or influence a person's mind, with no visual compromises. It isn't a process or system of real mindreading or influence, but it creates the perfect illusion of it.  

 We can even have a person call a friend or family member over the phone, we whisper things to their friend, and they prove to be exactly what our subject is thinking of.   

"This is a fascinating application of some classic principals that Matt has coalesced in a fresh and exciting way." 
Ken Dyne
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